The 2020 Greek-Mediterranean Festival Menu

Greek-Style Lamb Shanks (Roasted & Grilled this year) >>

Shish Tabouk (Chicken Kebab, Turkish seasoning) >

Doner Kebab (one of the Turkish-style “gyros”) >

Gyro, grilled slices of seasoned beef & lamb topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce on a heated pita bread. >>

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves — Dolmades (Greek) – Dolma (Turkish) – Warak Enab (Lebanese) >>

Turkish Lamb Kofta, ground lamb seasoned with onions and spices >>

Pastitsio (Greek) …. Making Pastitsio, next photos >>

Fried Calamari, Italian & Greek >>

Greek Village Salad – “Horiatiki” Salad >

Spanakopita – a Greek side dish >>

Koulourakia – Greek coffee cookies >>

Amygthalota – Greek Almond Cookies >>

Turkish Apple Cookies >>

Turkish Apple Cookies, center cut view

Burma Baklava, Pistachio (Lebanese) >>

For the History of Baklava visit:

Namoura Coconut (Lebanese) >>

Baklava, Greek-Style >>

Finikia – a Greek spiced cookie dipped in honey and nuts >>

Kourambiedes – Greek butter cookies with powdered sugar >>

Kataifi – shredded dough wrapped around crushed walnuts dipped in honeyed syrup (Greek, Levant) >>

Wine & Beer available (age 21 and over): 

Alfa (a Greek beer), Efes (a Turkish beer)

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