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New this year, “The Cappadocia”, there are some changes to the menu due to the current business climate relating to Covid.

Gyro, served on grilled pita bread with lettuce, onions, tomato & tzatziki sauce. $7.50
“The Cappadocia” Lamb on pita bread, served with tzatziki sauce. $12.75
Chicken Kebab (Shish Taouk) $7.50
Grilled chucks of chicken breast, marinated and skewered.
Turkish Beef Kofta Kebab $6.75 with pita with onions & tzatziki $8.25
Ground beef seasoned with onions and spices.
Pastitsio Combo (Greek #1) $12.50
a pie with layers of pasta, cheese, sautéed ground beef with soufflé topping, served 2
meatless dolmades, 2 pieces of spanakopita and bread.

Moussaka Combo (Greek #2) Layers of potatoes, eggplant, and ground beef and cream sauce, served 2 meatless dolmades, 2 pieces of spanakopita and bread. $13.00
Roasted Greek-Style Lamb Shank Plate $22.75
**offering a limited amount
a lamb Shank roasted in its own juices with tomato sauce, pepper, oregano then
grilled, served with a side of fries and 1 piece of spanakopita and bread.

Chicken Finger (3) & Fries $8.25

A La Carte Items
Pastitsio only, $6.50 a pie with layers of pasta, cheese, sautéed ground beef with soufflé topping Spanakopita 2/$2.75
Spinach pie, a blend of spinach, feta and seasiong fit
Stuffed Grape Leaves, Meatless 2/$3.25
(Dolmades, Greek; Dolma, Turkish; Enab, Lebanese), Stuffed grape leaves are a
delicious Mediterranean mezze. In our meatless version, blanched grape leaves with rice,
fresh herbs, and pine nuts. Lemon zest adds a lovely essence. They’re especially nice
chilled, served alongside salads or with a drink.

Greek Village “Horiatlkl” Salad $5.00
Greek salad, combines tomatoes, cucumbers, olives herbs, peppers and feta cheese
with Greek dressing
Fried Calamari $8.50
Greek Fries $3.50
Seasoned and topped with cheese

Pita Bread (for wrap) $1.00

Greek Pastries
Baklava, 2 pcs. $5.00
Filo layered with nuts and honey
Baklava, 8 pcs $18.50
Amygthalota – 2 Almond Cookies $5.25 per box
Kourambredes, no nuts, (Greek wedding or Christmas cookies), 3 pcs $5.50
A sweet butter cookie with powdered sugar.
Lebanese Burma Baklava with Pistachio, 3 pcs. $7.75
Turkish Apple Cookies, 2 pcs. $5.50
Coconut Cake, 2 pcs. $5.50
Assorted Pastry Box, Grecian $10.00
1 Kataifi, 1 Baklava, 1 Finikia, 1 Kourambiedes, no nuts, 2 Koulourakia
Kataifi – shredded filo dough wrapped around walnuts dipped in honeyed syrup.
Finikia – a spiced cookie dipped in honey and nuts.
Koulourakia – a cookie for youngster to snack on or adults to dip in coffee.

a bag of Koulourakia, no nuts $6.00

Soft Drinks Bottle $2.25
Bottle Water $2.00
Bottle Iced Tea $2.00
Greek Beer $4.00
Efes Beer $4.00
Greek Wine per bottle
Domestic Beer $3.00
Domestic Wine $3.00

Gyro >>

Roasted Greek-Style Lamb Shanks >>

Shish Tabouk (Chicken Kebab, Turkish seasoning) >

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves — Dolmades (Greek) – Dolma (Turkish) – Warak Enab (Lebanese) >>

Turkish Beef Kofta, ground beef seasoned with onions and spices >>

Pastitsio (Greek) …. Making Pastitsio, next photos >>

Fried Calamari, Italian & Greek >>

Moussaka, Greek & Middle Eastern >>

Greek Village Salad – “Horiatiki” Salad >

Spanakopita – a Greek side dish >>

Koulourakia – Greek coffee cookies >>

Amygthalota – Greek Almond Cookies >>

Turkish Apple Cookies >>

Turkish Apple Cookies, center cut view

Burma Baklava, Pistachio (Lebanese) >>

For the History of Baklava visit:

Namoura Coconut (Lebanese) >>

Baklava, Greek-Style >>

Finikia – a Greek spiced cookie dipped in honey and nuts >>

Kourambiedes – Greek butter cookies with powdered sugar >>

Kataifi – shredded dough wrapped around crushed walnuts dipped in honeyed syrup (Greek, Levant) >>

Wine & Beer available (age 21 and over): 

Alfa (a Greek beer), Efes (a Turkish beer)

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